Local Issues

I have been serving Cochrane as a Town Councillor since 2013. A number of the biggest local issues that we are facing must be dealt with by the provincial government.

Over the years, I have heard countless families talking about:

  • Traffic 

  • Local Business

  • Managing Growth

  • Health Care Facilities

My team and I are confident that we can do far more for our community by taking our message to the provincial legislature.

I know the communities of Cochrane, Bearspaw and Airdrie all have similar local problems.

If you elect me to be your MLA, I will ultimately answer to the grassroots members, but based on my experience as a Town Councillor here is how I would like to take our local issues to the provincial level:



Traffic congestion is one of the biggest issues in our fast growing region.

For the past several years I have been Cochrane’s voice for traffic infrastructure. Our new Mayor and Council are taking this issue very seriously and we are now working towards 5 major traffic projects at the municipal level. However, in order to truly address traffic in our region, we need the provincial government to take the lead.

If I am chosen to be your MLA, I will be an advocate for investment in local highways, not just in Cochrane, but throughout the entire riding.

In Cochrane, the province has a single intersection planned for our highways. With 9500 new homes already approved, we need a provincial voice who is going to push to one day have Highway 1A expanded all the way up the Cochrane hill. This won’t happen overnight, but it will nevertheless be one of my top priorities.

In Airdrie, people need alternate access onto the QE2. If I am your MLA I will actively advocate for investment in projects that take pressure off of Airdrie’s highway bottleneck.

Airdrie has been divided by a train for years, the need for free flowing traffic under the railroad tracks is a major concern. This is especially evident when emergencies occur. At the local level plans for this sort of infrastructure have been researched and studied. It will be my job to advocate for the placement of these structures and ensure these concerns are addressed at the provincial level.

In Bearspaw, Rockyview County is looking at installing a total of 8 lights on the highway into Calgary. Many people are legitimately concerned that this will cause massive traffic congestion on the highway.

Alberta Transportation is ultimately responsible for allowing this to happen. Whether it’s on this project or in future proposals, I will be advocating for policy changes that that require new developments to be more accommodating of their impact on provincial highways.

In Airdrie, people need alternate access onto the QE2. If I am your MLA I will actively advocate for investment in projects that take pressure off of Airdrie’s highway bottleneck.

Local Business:

Communities throughout the Calgary region, such as Cochrane and Airdrie, are struggling to attract businesses to drive their economy.

As a Cochrane Town Councillor I have been working to build support for a sharp increase in commercial and industrial zoning in our developable lands. But for our municipalities, simply forcing business zoning onto lands won’t be enough.

In order to attract economic activity throughout Alberta, we need a provincial government that supports all industries. I know the best thing the government can do for business is get out of the way.

The NDP has been increasing taxes and creating excessive regulations in every industry.

If you choose me to be your MLA, I will be a voice for reducing red tape and lowering taxes.

Managing Growth:


Our region is among the fastest growing places in Canada.

The current NDP government has correctly recognized the need for better management of the rapid population growth occurring in the Calgary region, but they are going about addressing it in the wrong way.

The NDP believes that centralization of decision making in Edmonton and Calgary is the best path forward.

The NDP have quietly created a new level of government called the Growth Management Board (GMB) that the municipalities of Cochrane, Airdrie and Rocky View County are being forced to join. The full details of how the GMB will be implemented will be finalized in the coming months, but early indications are that our municipal governments will be losing our planning independence.

Thanks to the NDP, it is quite likely that future municipal governments in Cochrane and Airdrie will have to seek approval for their planning documents from the GMB. It is also commonly believed that the Mayor of Calgary will have veto power over our plans.

I believe in decentralized government authority.

The individuals who are most affected by a decision should be the ones with the most influence on that decision.

I believe that Alberta’s elected Mayors and Councillors who represent their communities should not be pushed around by the Mayor of Calgary and the provincial government.

I will be a voice standing up for Mayors and Councillors who are having their planning independence taken away, and thereby empower your local elected officials.

Health Care Facilities:


Job number one of a newly elected United Conservative Party will no doubt be getting our province’s economy back on track. I have no delusions that balancing the provincial budget will be an easy task.

However, in quickly growing areas such as Airdrie and Cochrane, the province has completely fallen behind in providing adequate health care.

In Cochrane, I will be a voice pushing for 24 hour service at our urgent care facility.

In Airdrie, I will be a voice advocating for the planning of a future hospital in the area.

I cannot guarantee that I can get these things as instantly as your MLA, but I want the residents of Airdrie-Cochrane to know that they are at the front of my mind for the future as our economy recovers.