Morgan's Story

Morgan Nagel's true potential for grassroots political leadership started to become evident over the past 18 months.


In the last Cochrane municipal election, Nagel blazed the path to change by running a bold municipal campaign that challenged the status quo and ultimately led to a major overhaul in Cochrane's municipal government.

All said, Morgan Nagel won the election in a landslide victory, garnering more votes than any of the other 17 candidates - and by quite a wide margin.

Beyond his service as a Town Councillor, Nagel was also part of building the United Conservative Party as a full time member of Jason Kenney's team.

Some folks would argue that the unity movement truly began the day that Jason Kenney drove out to the Cochrane Legion to give what would become his first ever provincial political speeches. On that day, Nagel was there to emcee the event, and he went on to work for Jason Kenney in the months to follow.


Starting in the PC Leadership Race, through the Unity Referendum and up to the UCP Leadership Election, Nagel was there working 60-80 hour weeks to help make it all happen, while still serving as a Town Councillor

In the years leading up to that, Morgan Nagel had been elected as one of Cochrane's youngest ever Town Councillors in 2013.

During much of his first term he also worked as the Youth Director for the Manning Centre conservative think.

Prior to that he held an intern position on Parliament Hill for the Conservative Party of Canada.


None of this is to mention, that Nagel did his fair share of physical labour, working in construction and farming to put himself through university.

Nagel officially decided he wanted to work in politics when his brother, Cpl. Jordan Nagel, decided to join the Canadian Armed Forces back in 2011, Morgan knew he had to match his brother's commitment to the country. When his brother called home for the first time from basic training, Morgan told him on the phone, "I've decided that since you joined the army, I am going to do everything I can to work in politics. I want to fight for Canada too."


... But those who know Morgan, will tell you that he has been fighting for Canada for even longer than all that. His closest friends know that he has actually been on this patriotic journey his entire life.

Nagel gave his first ever political speech at the ripe old age of 10, in what he would call one his favourite childhood memories. In the year 2000, he stood in front of his elementary school and passionately recited the patriotic words of Molson Canadian's famous "I AM CANADIAN" speech. That was the day he learned the unifying power of speaking to people's deep patriotism and love of Canada, as he received an enthusiastic standing ovation from the families in the audience.

Days later he was shocked to find himself on the front page of the local newspaper:


Morgan Nagel has been following the news and passionately studying politics, history and economics for as long as he can remember. Throughout his entire youth Morgan had a knack for finding political discussions and opportunities wherever they may be had.

With the support of his family, Morgan has been proudly representing the Town of Cochrane since 2013.

Now he hopes to represent the riding of Airdrie-Cochrane as the United Conservative Party Candidate in the 2019 provincial election.

Please be sure to become a United Conservative Party member if you would like to vote for Morgan in the nomination race.