There are a lot of big issues facing Alberta right now. There is no doubt that if the new United Conservative Party forms government in 2019, job number one will be restoring investor confidence and getting our province’s finances back on track.

Like all of you, I have a number of my own ideas and opinions about how Alberta ought to be run. Such as:

  • Supporting all private industries

  • Balancing the budget

  • Cutting taxes

  • Investing in the Alberta Heritage Fund

However, I spent a year working for Jason Kenney as he built this movement from the ground up. I know that the key to his success in inspiring the confidence was in unwavering commitment to grassroots politics.

Jason Kenney built this entire party on a Grassroots Guarantee. A guarantee that regular everyday Albertans would be in charge of the policy vision of our party and future government.

In that spirit, I am committed to a Local Grassroots Guarantee. A guarantee that the residents of Airdrie-Cochrane will ultimately be in charge of the policies and values that I advocate for. To achieve this, I am proposing a 3 step process:




1 - The creation of a Local Grassroots Policy Committee, whereby local UCP members will shape our official nomination platform.


2 - A promise to honour all the democratically created UCP policies from the Grassroots Policy Convention this spring.


3 - A commitment to permanent and ongoing policy engagement with the Local Grassroots Policy Committee throughout the entire duration of my term as a MLA.


In the weeks and months to come, my team and I will be forming our Local Grassroots Policy Committee. If you might be interested in participating, please contact me here: